Design weeks are periods of time (usually a week, but sometimes even a month) in a certain location , in which there’s a celebration for design.

During the design weeks, there are usually many design related events happening, such as exhibitions, seminars and meetings, therefore for us, design lovers, it is the perfect time to visit that destination, as we can always find amazing places to visit, parties to attend and get to know amazing and inspiring people, who are as passionate for design as we are.

We can see design weeks as a festivity for design, with design lovers getting together to celebrate design and share views, creations and opinions, during the many design events that occur during that time.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of design weeks all over the world, from the most famous to the most underground, some more related with a specific design subject, others celebrating design as a whole, but all of them have one thing in common: the passion for design – and that is enough to make it worth the visit, isn’t it?

Considering how many design weeks there is, it was impossible for us to include every single one in this calendar – but have a look below to find our favourites!

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: January


  • Rd+ (Rome, Italy) – website
  • Toronto Design Offsite Festival (Toronto, Canada) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: February


  • Bahrain International Design Week (Bahrain) – website
  • Arctic Design Week (Rovaniemi, Finland) – website
  • Design Indaba Festival (Cape Town, South Africa) – website
  • India Design Forum (Mumbai, India) – website
  • Stockholm Design Week (Stockholm, Sweden) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: March


  • Bogotá Design Week (Bogotá, Colombia) – website
  • Boston Design Week (Boston, MA, USA) – website
  • Knoxville Design Week (Knoxville, TN, USA) – website
  • London Design Week (London, UK) – website
  • Design Shanghai (Shanghai, China) – website
  • Singapore Design Week (Singapore) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: April


  • Athens Xclusive Designers Week (Athens, Greece) – website
  • Design Week Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne, IN, USA) – website
  • Kansas City Design Week (Kansas City, MO, USA) – website
  • Milan Design Week (Milan, Italy)
  • Minsk Design Week (Minsk, Belarus) – website
  • Philippines Design Week (Philippines) – website
  • Portland Design Week (Portland, OR, USA) – website
  • Vermont Design Week (Burlington, VT, USA)
  • West Michigan Design Week (West Michigan, MI, USA) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: May


  • Beirut Design Week (Beirut, Lebanon) – website
  • Berlin Design Week (Berlin, Germany)
  • Clerkenwell Design Week (London, UK) – website
  • Lithuania Design Week (Vilnius, Lithuania) – website
  • Malta Design Week (Malta) – facebook
  • Melbourne Design Week (Melbourne, Australia)
  • NYCxDesign (New York City, NY, USA) – website
  • Prague Design Week (Prague, Czech Republic) – website
  • Saint Petersburg Design Week (St. Petersburg, Russia) – facebook
  • Zagreb Design Week (Zagreb, Croatia) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: June


  • Barcelona Design Week (Barcelona, Spain) – website
  • Florence Design Week (Florence, Italy) – website
  • Los Angeles Design Festival (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – website
  • Louisville Design Week (Louisville, KY, USA) – website
  • Romanian Design Week (Romania) – website
  • San Francisco Design Week (San Francisco, CA, USA) – website
  • Warsaw Design Week (Warsaw, Poland) – facebook

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: July


  • Denver Design Week (Denver, CO, USA) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: August


  • Open Design Cape Town (Capte Town, South Africa) – website
  • São Paulo Design Week (São Paulo, Brazil) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: September


  • Design Week Rhode Island (RI, USA) – website 
  • Helsinki Design Week (Helsinki, Finland) – website
  • Honolulu Design Awards (Honolulu, HI, USA) – website
  • Houston Design Week (Houston, TX, USA) – website
  • IAI Jakarta (Jakarta, Indonesia) – website
  • Oslo Design Week (Oslo, Norway)
  • Paris Design Week (Paris, France) – website
  • Sydney Design Week (Sydney, Australia) – website
  • St. Louis Design Week (St. Louis, MO, USA) – website
  • Taiwan Designers Week (Taiwan) – website
  • Tirana Design Week (Tirana, Albania) – website
  • Toledo Design Week (Toledo, OH, USA) – website
  • Vancouver Design Week (Vancouver, Canada) – website
  • Wichita Design Week (Wichita, KS, USA) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: October


  • AIGA Design Conference Baltimore (Baltimore, MD, USA) – website
  • Bangkok Design Week (Bangkok, Thailand) – website
  • Beijing Design Week (Beijing, China) – website
  • Belgrade Design Week (Belgrade, Serbia) – website
  • BHAM Feast (Birmingham, UK) – website
  • Budapest Design Week (Budapest, Hungary) – website
  • Cincinnati Design Week (Cincinnati, OH, USA) – website
  • DC Design Week (Washington, DC, USA) – website
  • Design Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA, USA) – website
  • Dubai Design Week (Dubai, UAE) – website
  • Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, Netherlands) – website
  • Ioha Design Month (IA, USA) – website
  • LDW (Lisbon, Portugal) – website
  • Mexico Design Week (Mexico) – website
  • Moscow Design Week (Moscow, Russia) – website
  • Philippines Design Week (Philippines) – website
  • Phoenix Design Week (Phoenix, AZ, USA) – website
  • Salt Lake Design Week (Salt Lake, UT, USA) – website
  • Saudi Design Week (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) – website
  • Sheffield Design Week (Sheffield, UK) – website
  • Tampa Bay Design Week (Tampa Bay, FL, USA) – website
  • Tokyo Design Week (Tokyo, Japan) – website
  • Venice Design Week (Venice, Italy) – website
  • Vienna Design Week (Vienna, Austria) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: November


  • Belfast Design Week (Belfast, UK) – website
  • Cairo Design Week (Cairo, Egypt) – website
  • Czech Design Week (Prague, Czech Republic) – website
  • Galway Design Week (Galway, Ireland) – facebook
  • Istanbul Design Week (Istanbul, Turkey) – website
  • Lima Design Week (Lima, Peru) – website
  • Nairobi Design Week (Nairobi, Kenya) – website
  • Rio de Janeiro Design Week (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: December


  • Addis Ababa Design Week (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) – website
  • Chiang Mai Design Week (Chiang Mai, Thailand) – website
  • Business of Design Week (Hong Kong) – website
  • Seoul Design Week (Seoul, South Korea)

Which ones of those design weeks have you visited? Which are your favourites? Let us know!

ICFF 2016 is one of the most antecipated design events of the year. This trade show, known for its focus on interiors and luxury goods, is perfect to spot new trends and get to see some of the top brands in the world when it comes to luxury furniture and home accessories.

ICFF 2016 has hundreds of exhibitors, so it is important that you plan your visit carefully to be sure to have a look at all the stands you really want to you, otherwise you might missing as the fair happens only for four days. Of course, be sure to also save some time to just look around – to me personally, that’s the time when I usually find the pieces that surprise me the most!

To make your work of slelecting the stands you want to visit in ICFF 2016 easier, we selected 25 pieces we’re looking forward to see during this year’s ICFF, you can have a look at those below!

#1 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Mayor Sofa


Brand: &Tradition

Booth: 1708 (L1)

Description: Mayor Sofa designed by Arne Jacobsen and Flemming Lassen

#2 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: N2 loveseat


Brand: Aaron Scott Design

Booth: 2339 (L1)

Description: Sculpted from solid cherry, and finished using a chemical bleaching process, the N2 loveseat is part of a series that uses rotational symmetry to explore unusual, complex geometries.

#3 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Time Maze


Brand: Alessi

Booth: 3714 (L3)

Description: Wall clock in steel colored with epoxy resin, red Design Daniel Libeskind.

#4 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Ziggi Light


Brand: Ameico

Booth: 2504 (L1)

Description: The ingenuity of Studio Cheha’s graphism is the success of this first introductory collection by an young upstart Israeli firm. Using LED points of light, its flat panel 2-D table lamp is an incredible tromp oeil.

#5 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Crux Table


Brand: Amorph

Booth: 3948 (L3)

Description: Crux Coffee Table is a stylish futuristic sculptural art table with a dynamic form designed and manufactured by Amorph. Crux consists of two pieces that join together to create elegant shape. Crux could be fitted in modern homes or offices featuring as a contemporary style art piece. Crux is made out of solid Ash Wood with matte lacquer finish. by the nature, the ash wood grain’s look would be slightly different from the other.

#6 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Original 1227™ Giant Floor Lamp


Brand: Anglepoise

Booth: 1644 (L1)

Description: The Original 1227™ Giant floor lamp is a beautifully crafted and highly functional light, with all the benefits afforded by the unique spring mechanism realized on a grander scale, but equally it’s a highly impressive, illuminated sculpture. Now with white inner shade to maximize light output, metal chrome shade cap, and etched logo plaque, plus a brand-new palette of 15 stunning colors (with custom color options), the first and ever-popular Anglepoise® Giant is even more appealing. And just consider the impactful combination of the entire Original 1227™ Giant Collection, comprising the floor lamp, coordinating pendant and new articulated wall-mounted light.

#7 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Anamorphic Console


Brand: Asher Israelow

Booth: 2226 (L1)

Description: First found in the 15th Century, anamorphic projection was used to pass secret messages or obscure visions within paintings. Now solid walnut and brass inlay compose hidden geometries. The first piece in a new vision of handcrafted furniture.

#8 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Louis Dining Chair


Brand: Astele

Booth: 1065 (L1)

Description: With brown velvet and a contrasting golden cord, a classic design radiates from this chair’s modern lines. The Louis dining chair rests on solid walnut legs with Ottiu’s signature brass accents.

#9 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Mountain View Lamp


Brand: Axo Light

Booth: 1226 (L1)

Description: Mountain View is made of transparent blown glass hand-crafted by master craftsmen and it is available in a transparent glass model with a chrome-plated or golden structure and two more versions: with the mountain in amber colour and a golden frame for a warm light effect or in a grey version with a chrome-plated frame for a colder light. Built-in LED light source.

#10 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Lievre Chair


Brand: Christopher Guy

Booth: 3609 (L3)

Description: A natural wood figure transformed into a surprisingly comfortable modernist accent chair, beautifully hand carved with subtle brass arms.

#11 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Watson Credenza


Brand: Elijah Leed

Booth: 1873 (L1)

Description: Two drawer / two cabinet configuration. Oiled natural walnut, with oxidized spalted maple and our darkened brass pulls.

#12 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Ercol Flow Chair


Brand: Ercol Furniture

Booth: 1648 (L1)

Description: A striking contemporary design by Tomoko Azumi for ercol. A stacking chair for domestic and contract use made in steamed hand bent beech. Available in colours and with a walnut seat.

#13 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Dressage Collection


Brand: Graff

Booth: 2052 (L1)

Description: Made from DuPont Corian®, the compact, freestanding vanity features canaletto walnut solid wood and is positioned on a minimalist, shaped base that conceals all plumbing. The Dressage Free-standing Vanity stands out with its contemporary design, harmonious lines and traditional detailing. The vanity is a fully customizable slim unit that includes a complementing adjustable mirror, shelf and towel hook. The vanity is part of a full collection that includes, a tub, other furniture and accessories.

#14 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Why Knot Bench


Brand: Kino Guerin

Booth: 2253 (L1)

Description: this bench is made with laminated bent plywood, Walnut veneers.

#15 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Moletta Bench


Brand: Luce di Carrara

Booth: 3820 (L3)

Description: Moletta bench is an outsized play on a masterpiece of anonymous design dug up from depths of our memories. It revisits an iconic but simple design that is still strong today, reinterpreted with natural materials of enduring beauty such as marble and wood, that exalt its forceful expression with nuances and grains that di˜er in every piece. šis uniqueness coupled with skilful working of two solid materials brought together in this new composition o˜ers seating for public/private spaces indoors and out.

#16 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Silo Console


Brand: Luma Design Workshop

Booth: 1075 (L1)

Description: Console with wood finish stone oak and nickel plated metal.

#17 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Air Sofa


Brand: Luteca

Booth: 1826 (L1)

Description: The Air Sofa is not only a stunning design, but carefully engineered and designed to withstand weight on every part. It’s sleek form allows users to lounge on the seat and perch on the arms, making it highly versatile in an open interior space. The real beauty comes from the blind tufted hand upholstery and brass detail under the arms, as well as the delicate solid brass legs, making it entirely unique.

#18 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: KD04


Brand: Matrix

Booth: 1873 (L1)

Description: Chair in curved steel and drawn steel wire legs; available in a various colours. Available with removable cushion in wool felt. The chair KD04, designed by Donald Knorr and produced by Matrix International, won the first prize ex aequo in the competition held by MoMA in 1948, for the design of low-cost furniture. Thanks to its harmony of form and style purity, this chair has continued to exert its influence on modern and contemporary design.

#19 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Sueli Sofa


Brand: Michelangelo Designs

Booth: 3832 (L3)

Description: The Sueli sofa is sure to make any living room into a modern and futuristic abode while still being a comfy and cozy place for the family.

#20 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Lap Chair


Brand: Mobliberica

Booth: 1007 (L1)

Description: High quality chair designed for Dressy Collection. Two sort of legs (solid ash wood or epoxy metal) and two kinds of seat options (Lacquered or upholstered shell) coupled with the myriad of possible finishes offers multiple options to create that unique piece that fits perfectly in every contract and home ambience. Choose from our upholstery catalog, included Kvadrat designs, and match that choice with the huge options of color and finishes we have for the frame. Moreover, all our production processes are environmentally friendly as evidenced by the ISO 14001 certification obtained.

#21 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Flamenca Wall


Brand: QisDesign

Booth: 0923 (L1)

Description: The Flamenca ambient table and wall lamp draws inspiration from the dramatic grace and flowing movement of a Flamenco dancer’s ruffled skirt. A sense of playfulness is at the heart of this lamp’s inner identity. Users can easily adjust illumination by simply pressing and holding on the mounting plate. Flamenca is the perfect addition to any living space including dining rooms, bedrooms and family rooms.

#22 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Ndebele Chair


Brand: Ronel Jordaan

Booth: 0801 (L1)

Description: Hand felted merino wool, foam and metal frame.

#23 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Circuit


Brand: TJ O Keefe

Booth: 1856 (L1)

Description: Made of a series of loops that intesect in strategic places to form its structure, CIRCUIT is a lounge chair that challenges perception and form. Its multiple planes of lines visually overlap to create new and interesting graphic compositions from every angle.

#24 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Hudson Sidetable


Brand: Tronk Design

Booth: 0958 (L1)

Description: This eye-catching piece combines an industrial structure with sophisticated modern accents. The intersecting metal legs almost seem to play tricks on the eyes and change shape as you circle around the table. It is finished with a slim and elegantly carved wooden tabletop that gently tapers, creating a very thin edge reminiscent of traditional Danish furniture. To top it all of, the tabletop has a stunning intersecting diagonal accent inlay that goes completely through the tabletop. The color options for the powder-coated base are red, green, orange, yellow, white or black. The tabletop comes in either Walnut with Maple inlayed or Maple with a Walnut inlay.

#25 – Pieces we’re looking forward to see at ICFF 2016: Atibaia Chair


Brand: Paulo Alves

Booth: 3533 (L3)

Description: The chair structure is built with thin slats. “Branches” that “articulate”. Subdividing into a number of angles to form a light assembly. One spacial structure to support, very close to the limit the efforts that a chair needs. The seat can be made with natural straw, leather or woven fabric. The comfort that a chair must have was exhaustively thought and we went to the refinement of having arm rests that are thinner underneath so that they fit between the fingers and the hands. There is also a cavity over the arms extremities to conform the thumb.

You can visit ICFF 2016 at Javits Center in NYC (USA) from May 14th to 17th.

From 2 to 8 of May, Croatia organizes its biggest celebration of design, occuring in the capital: Zagreb Design Week.

Known as Tjedan Dizajna Zagreb (#tdzg), in Croatia, the Zagreb Design Week is Croatia’s largest design event which celebrates the best design.

This is the major event about design happening in Croatia. The first Zagreb Design Week was in 2014 with focus in Business negotiations in a plan for B2B, but also for the public in general or design lovers in a B2C platform.

Presenting the best of Croatian design and holding numerous top designers from all over the world, at the last year, there were more than 10.000 visitors, and this year they expect more than 20.000!


This third year of Zagreb Design Week takes place mostly in Lauba, however you can find a wide range of events in various spots in the center of Zagreb – in sum, there is a total of around 4.000 m2 of pure design accress the city.

Zagreb Design Week have the goal to promote Zagreb as a regional center of the creative industry and provide to tourists a diverse offer of places to visit and interesting things to do in this country.

At Zagreb Design Week, we can expect industrial design, furniture design, fashion design, food design, communication and graphic design. The event where you can find exhibitions, workshops, lectures and planes with until 6 events per day.

On Zagreb Design Week you can find Artists / Brands like:



Symbol DSGN


Sweet Kids Team








Maroon Creations


Male Stvari


Kruno Jendrijev


Jupi by Upi


Enable Table


Atelier MP




Grafički Fakultet




Ada Kezić


Like I said before, Zagreb Design Week is the most important event of design happening in Croatia, despite being a young event, it had a lot of success until now. The reason for this is because this event gathers a wonderful variety of design and artists not only from Croatia, but also from many other nationalities.

The characteristics of this event are done in such a way that its visitors get more inspiration year after year, with incredible results and innovation to inspire every design lovers, or even every person who look forward to something unique, something different to put into their homes.


Croatia, officialy known as Republik of Croatia is an European country whose territory has a peculiar form, similar with a horseshoe. 

If you love design and inovation, if you are one of these people who is passionate about art… You must go to Zagreb Design Week! It is a perfect chance to get to know Croatia, and if you already know this beautiful Country, it is a big opportunity to get to know it better and find out even more beautiful details about it. You can also meet Croatian artists and discover what they have to teach you about design and all the ways they use to achieve their amazing creations.

If you visit this event or this country, please share with us your experience!

What you liked most? It lived up to your expectations? I hope it did, personally I love Croatia and its fantastic people, and I will surely come back, probably to Zagreb Design Week, to join two amazing things that I love: Croatia and Design!

I am waiting for you in Croatia!

As any interior design lover, we know there are several home design events worldwide, during the entire year. With design events occuring in most of the main cities worldwide and sometimes at the same time, it is important to know which ones are the most interesting, so that we can schedule our trips accordingly.

At Nomadous, we love travel and design, so those events are the perfect excuse for us to schedule some of our trips and get to know the world while feeding our passion for design. Maybe it is a good opportunity for you to do the same?

I made a selection of my 40 favourite design events, mostly focusing on those that are somehow related with interior design, of course!

4 Home Design Events you must visit in January


Heimtextil (Frankfurt, Germany)

A show focusing in fabrics, perfect to visit to find out about the newest trends or to showcase your fabric materials. Happening in January, it’s a great design show to visit to get inspired for fabrics to use during the year. (website)

IMM Cologne (Koln, Germany)

An international interiors show which occurs for seven days, where you can find out more about both famous names and upcomming designers. (website)

Interior Design Show (Toronto, Canada)

A great interior design show in Toronto. There you can find out more about Canadian design scene, and also high profile names. Includes conferences with famous and admired designers. (website)

Maison & Objet (Paris, France)

One of the most famous interiors events in the world, Maison & Objet Paris is the great beggining of the design year in Europe. (website)

4 Home Design Events you must visit in February


Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair (Stockholm, Sweden)

An amazing show to find out the latest trends and talends in the Scandinavian design scene. (website)

Ambiente (Frankfurt, Germany)

Focusing in Dining, Living and Giving areaas, this trade show is perfect to discover the latest collections in this market. (website)

Habitat (Valencia, Spain)

An international fair with many exhibitors from Spain, there you can find the latest trends in Spanish design. (website)

India Design ID (New Delhi, India)

An event where you can find many Indian local talents when it comes to designing home products. (website)

7 Home Design Events you must visit in March


Maison & Objet (Singapore)

Maison & Objet is one of the most famous organizers of interior events in the world, and in their Singapore show you can find the same quality they always display. In this show you can not only discover the trends of the famous designers of the Paris edition, but also digg deeper into Asian talents. (website)

International Furniture Fair (Singapore)

March is a big month in Singaporean design scene. You can visit not only Maison & Objet Asia edition, but also International Furniture Fair, which focus on the latest furniture trends. (website)

DesignMarch (Iceland)

This show focuses not only in home design, but also in fashion design, food design and achitecture. A fun and fresh festival to attend! (website)

Design Days Dubai (Dubai, UAE)

A show where you can find internationally recognized brands and also local talents, with innovative and excentric stands, as you’d expect from the Dubai market. (website)

Architectural Digest Design Show (New York City, New York (NY), USA)

A great interiors show, held by the world famous publishing magazine Architectural Digest. (website)

Light + Building – Biennale (Frankfurt, Germany)

Happening every two years, this show is amazing to find trends and new lighting pieces. (website)

BaselWorld (Basel, Switzerland)

A show where you can the best of luxury brands worldwide. The main focus is jewellery and watches, but you can also find amazing luxury interior pieces. (website)

3 Home Design Events you must visit in April


Salone del Mobile (Milan, Italy)

For many considered the biggest design event in Europe when it comes to furniture, in iSaloni Milan you can find all types of exhibitors when it comes to furniture and interior objects. (website)

Euroluce (Milan, Italy)

Another bienal show, in Euroluce you can find amazing lighting products! (website)

High Point Market Spring (High Point, North Carolina (NC), USA)

Mostly focusing in upholstery, it also has some design prizes, perfect to help you finding new interesting pieces. (website)

4 Home Design Events you must visit in May


NY Design + Art (New York City, New York (NY), USA)

A great fair to find new talents in both art and design, including of course interiors pieces. (website)

Maison & Objet (Miami, Florida (FL), USA)

Another amazing show held by Maison & Objet, this time in Miami Beach! (website)

FIDexpo (Moscow, Russia)

A furniture and interiors show in Moscow, where you can find a few international brands, but mostly locals talents, showcasing their new products. (website)

ICFF (New York City, New York (NY), USA)

An high end luxury furniture fair, perfect to find new luxorious interiors pieces. (website)

2 Home Design Events you must visit in June


DMY (Berlin, Germany)

A fun show where young talents and renowed designers showcase their latest creations. (website)

DesignMiami/Basel (Basel, Switzerland)

A great show where design and art collectors and creators come together to share their passion and work. (website)

1 Home Design Event you must visit in July


Las Vegas Market (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

the most comprehensive furniture show in Vegas, where you can also find many trends of home design and even gift market in the US. (website)

2 Home Design Events you must visit in August


Tendence (Frankfurt, Germany)

Another great design event in Frankfurt, in Tendence you can find the latest trends in home design. (website)

International Design Furniture Fair Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong’s most famous interior show, amazing to find out more about the local home design scene. (website)

6 Home Design Events you must visit in September


Maison & Objet (Paris, France)

Another Maison & Objet in Paris, this one focusing more on decor and home accessories. (website)

Decorex (London, UK)

A show where you can find new products and beautifull installations of home design. (website)

Design Junction (London, UK)

Another leading event held yearly in London, showcasing interior products and also cultural shows. (website)

100% Design (London, UK)

One of the largest trade events for architects and interior designers in London when it comes to design. (website)

Interior Design Show (Vancouver, Canada)

Focusing only in interior design products, this Canadian event held in Vancouver displays the work of all types of interior related designers, making for a unique and varied experience for interior design lovers! (website)

Design Days Geneve (Geneva, Switzerland)

Organized by Espaces Contemporains magazine, one of the most famous Swiss magazines, it mostly displays contemporary design where you can discover new artists and products (both from Swiss and international designers). (website)

3 Home Design Events you must visit in October


Salone del Mobile (Moscow, Russia)

Another design show organized by iSaloni, this is one of the most famous home events in Russia, showcasing not only Russian designers but also international brands and designers. (website)

Biennale Interieur (Kortrijk, Belgium)

Happening every two years, this show highlights the best of Belgium and international interior trends. My favourite part of this show is the lighting pieces!  (website)

High Point Market (High Point, North Carolina (NC), USA)

Similar to the Spring edition, this show is perfect to find new pieces, with special focus on upholstery. (website)

3 Home Design Events you must visit in November


EquipHotel (Paris, France)

This show focus is mainly design solutions for hospitality projects. There you can find interesting and unique pieces in this market. (website)

BDNY (New York City, New York (NY), USA)

Boutique Design New York is a leading show for hospitality & leisure design industry. (website)

Salone del Mobile (Shanghai, China)

The iSaloni event in the Asian market, an amazing show to find out more about the Asian design market. (website)

1 Home Design Event you must visit in December


DesignMiami/  (Miami, Florida (FL), USA)

Similar to the Basel show organized by DesignMiami/, this show could be considered a wonderland for art and design lovers! (website)

Which ones of those home design events have you visited? And what are you favourites? Let us know!