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Diana Cabinet

Diana Cabinet

Fascinating gem

Diana Cabinet is a luxury and charismatic art piece that will add a unique touch of style to your living room. Inspired by one of the most iconic engagement rings of our time, this faceted cabinet is finished in blue antique mirror, making it a bold design piece with a very strong presence, but which can also blend in easily and reflect the environment it is located at, much like the Princess who it is named after. The interior is finished in silver leaf, making it a balanced yet unique and exquisite design piece.

Handcrafted in Portugal, only upon request.


cm: 170 x 160 x 63

in: 66.93 x 62.99 x 24.80


Blue Antique Mirror Blue Antique Mirror
Silver Leaf Silver Leaf
Clear Glass Clear Glass


Diana was known for her huge heart, charismatic personality, amazing sense of style and humour. As a tribute to her, this luxury cabinet combines the mirror, which reflects the room and is influenced and changed by it, the same way Diana was truly moved by the people around her and deeply cared for the many charities she worked with, a bold design that makes it a statement piece, capturing the attention in any room as the Princess did with her strong presence and also a fun piece, combining bold colors and forms in a fun and playful way. Diana is an exquisite cabinet that will win your heart and be the highlight of your room.