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Galileo Side Table

Galileo Side Table

Universal beauty

Galileo is an outstanding side table, with clean lines and luxurious finishes. With universe antique mirror, atoms antique mirror and aged gold antique mirror, this side table resembles the view we get looking at the clear night sky, one of the best views to trigger our imagination!

Handcrafted in Portugal, only upon request.


cm: 1: 30 cm | 2: 40cm | 3: 50cm

in: 1: 11.81" | 2: 15.75" | 3: 19.69"


Fire Antique Mirror Fire Antique Mirror
Universe Antique Mirror Universe Antique Mirror
Atoms Antique Mirror Atoms Antique Mirror


Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, and its studies have always fascinated man-kind. Named after Galileo Galilei, an astronomist who played an important part on scientific discoveries in the seventeenth century and is considered one of the fathers of modern science, this set of side tables will add an unique and distinct touch to your interiors.