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Lwazi Folding Screen

Lwazi Folding Screen

Raw Emotions

Lwazi Folding Screen is a raw design piece, which beauty comes directly from the high quality and unique wood veneers used in its creation. This folding screen fits perfectly in any modern house interior, due to its simplicity and luxurious touch. This piece is perfect to create a division in your living room while adding an exquisite piece of art to it.

Handcrafted in Portugal, only upon request.


cm: 320 x 190 x 30

in: 125.98 x 74.80 x 11.81


Birch Burl Birch Burl
Birdseye Maple Birdseye Maple
Macassar Ebony Macassar Ebony
Pau Ferro Pau Ferro
Pau Santo Pau Santo
Poplar Burl Poplar Burl
Purpleheart Purpleheart
Walnut Burl Walnut Burl
Wenge Wenge
Zebrawood Zebrawood
Gold Leaf Gold Leaf
Copper Leaf Copper Leaf


Lwazi is inspired in the Zulu, a south african tribe which is also the largest ethnical group of the region. Zulu history is very rich and they had a powerful empire around 1800. They are known for their colorful clothes and that, together with the wood fences used by the tribe, gave inspiration to the creation of this folding screen, which joins the wood simplicity with the colorful and luxurious effect achieved by the wide quantity of exotic wood veneers applied into this piece.