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Marilyn Dining Table

Marilyn Dining Table

Seductive glamour

Marilyn Dining Table is a seductive and elegant design piece. With the top and interior in jet black translucent varnish applied over osb and the exterior structure upholstered in white leather, this dining table has a unique and distinct appeal. The design is soft and presents delicate lines, resembling the timeless elegance of the female figure. This table's legs transport the iconic design of high heels to interior design and much like the high heels used to boost the confidence and highlight the seductiveness of Marilyn, who considered them one of the style items she couldn't live without, this table will charmingly be an indispensable piece in your dining room, with its graceful and classy design.

Handcrafted in Portugal, only upon request.


cm: 220 x 77 x 125

in: 86.61 x 30.31 x 49.21


Kanpur 005 Kanpur 005
Jet Black & OSB Jet Black & OSB


Marilyn Monroe gives the inspiration and name to this dining table. An irreverent and captivating glamour icon from the 80's, Marilyn carved her name in the hearts and fantasies of her generation and the generations to come. With a playful and amusing personality, she always presented herself in a way that was at the same time elegant and provocative. Her high heel shoes were iconic, and so is the photo in the white dress that we all know. Those were the features chosen to be represented in this dining table, a piece that honors this remarkable woman whose life we are still inspired by today.