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Sophia Console Table

Sophia Console Table

Elegant Patchwork

Sophia Console is an elegant and luxurious design piece, with a unique base and a detailed patchwork on the top. The combination of macassar ebony and gold leaf, both finished in high gloss varnish, make this console the perfect solution to add an element of exclusivity and modernity to your interiors.

Handcrafted in Portugal, only upon request.


cm: 190 x 90 x 50

in: 74.80 x 35.43 x 19.69


Gold Leaf Gold Leaf
Macassar Ebony Macassar Ebony


The inspiration for Sophia comes from Downtown Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, where we can find a circular sculpture by artist John McEwen. This sculpture is named Weaving Fence & Horn and its shape inspired the console’s base, which circular effect makes it a playful and fun design piece, which balances well with the sober and luxurious touch of the exotic wood and metal leaf used. The geometric design of the sculpture inspired the patchwork in Sophia’s top.