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Nomadous aims to inspire all design lovers through the creation of unique and exquisite art pieces.

Created in 2016 in Porto, Portugal, Nomadous name is inspired by the love to travel and discover new beautiful details in the world, as cosmopolitan nomads we aim to bring to our homes a bit of everything we have seen during our trips – this is what Nomadous has to offer.

The founders are two portuguese women who are passionate about design and traveling and decided to bring a bit of their passions and trips together to create a unique furniture brand concept.

The brand concept was created in the summer of 2015, resulting in Nomadous: The World Through Design, a brand which takes inspiration in the world, its cultures, nature and landmarks, to create unique and exclusive furniture design pieces.

The brand is inspired by the world as a never ending source of beauty and inspiration, we find the sparkle to design new unique design pieces in every new place we visit, the traditions, the people, the monuments, the nature – it all inspires our team to create the exclusive design pieces you can find in our collection.

We see our homes as our private world, an important part of our daily lives, the place we live in plays an important part in who we are and how we feel, and this is why Nomadous strives to provide you with the perfect solution to make your house exactly how you dream it to be.



Nomadous is a luxury design brand that offers unique furniture to design lovers, providing the perfect pieces to transform your house into your home.

Our design pieces are created with the utmost attention to every detail and our team is motivated to assist you with any needed custumization to assure that our products are the perfect fit to achieve, in your home, the ambience of your dreams.


Epitomize the world through unique pieces, providing unforgettable experiences to all design lovers.




Epitomize the world through unique pieces, providing unforgettable experiences to all design lovers.

Nomadous team finds inspiration in the smallest details of each person, culture and place. We believe in a world of beauty and detail, and that’s what we recreate in our design pieces. We create something unique, carefully tailored by our most experienced artisans, who use all their passion for exclusive furniture acquired by generations of wood work, resulting in pieces that evoke strong feelings, allowing our clients to bring a beautiful piece of each culture to their own home, an exclusive design choice to complement the most exquisite interior projects.


Inspiration Source


We believe each person is special and unique. We love to meet new people and get to know their history and personality, get inspired by their life story and touched by their knowledge and experiences. We find this to be a never ending source of inspiration to us, which we reflect in all our creations. Our pieces are not only exclusive pieces of art, but also the reflection of everyone we had the chance to meet during our lifes.

Inspiration Source


Nomadous team loves to travel and to get in touch with different cultures. We find the particularities of each one a great source of inspiration to create our unique design pieces.


Inspiration Source


Nature is full of beauty and details. Nomadous team finds inspiration in the contemplation of all the wonders it provides, from animals to amazing landscapes, our design pieces are inspired by the strong feelings and amazing sights found in the natural world.

Inspiration Source


We love to get to know different creations around the world, getting inspired by amazing monuments, sculptures and emblematic places. We always try to discover the landmarks of each new place we visit, finding in their uniqueness inspiration to our design pieces.


Handcrafted Products

We work with a team of experienced and talented artisans who have many years of experience when it comes to wood working.

Each piece in our collection is produced individually and with the most attention to detail, resulting in exclusive art pieces, perfect to highlight your interior projects. This is also the reason why every Nomadous’ piece is customizable, with such an attention to detail and individually producing each piece, we garantee we can create the perfect piece for your specific needs.

Our production team takes pride in the quality of our work, and always strives to make each product a unique art piece.

Nomadous’ hardcrafted furniture is produced using ancient portuguese wood working techniques, every piece comprises a hint of our history and is part of a legacy of wood working mastering.


Nomadous represents the utmost exclusivity when it comes to interior spaces.

All our pieces are unique, as such they are numbered and include a authenticity certificate, assuring Nomadous quality and warranty. When you order Nomadous furniture, you can expect nothing less than the highest quality and service. Our pieces are produced upon request only and each one has a unique serial number and production number, which can be used to identify this piece as an authenthic art creation.

Once you buy Nomadous, you’ll receive a client account that will allow you to be informed first hand about our new pieces, and also allow you to be a part of the auctions for limited edition creations, which are available only to our restricted club of buyers.