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Espaces Contemporains

Date: 03/2018 | Country: Switzerland | URL:

Espaces Contemporains Espaces Contemporains

Bridge for Design

Date: 12/2017 | Country: UK | URL:

Bridge for Design Bridge for Design

Homes International

Date: 09/2017 | Country: Spain | URL:

Homes International Homes International Homes International Homes International Homes International

Home Accents Today

Date: 03/2017 | Country: USA | URL:

Home Accents Today Home Accents Today

Living etc

Date: 11/2016 | Country: Indonesia | URL:

Living etc Living etc

Design & Build

Date: 2016/2017 | Country: New Zealand | URL:

Design & Build Design & Build


Date: 09/2016 | Country: New Zealand | URL:

EastLife EastLife

Grand Residence

Date: 10/2016 | Country: Czech Republic | URL:

Grand Residence Grand Residence


Date: 05/2016 | Country: Russia | URL:

blagoustroistvo blagoustroistvo

Architectural Digest

Date: 04/17 | Country: Mexico | URL:

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Date: 07/16 | Country: Mexico | URL:

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Date: 06/16 | Country: Mexico | URL:

Architectural Digest

Slobodna Dalmacija

Date: 05/16 | Country: Croatia | URL:

Slobodna Dalmacija Slobodna Dalmacija Slobodna Dalmacija

House and Leisure

Date: 07/16 | Country: South Africa | URL:

House and Leisure House and Leisure

Conde Magazine

Date: 07/16 | Country: Taiwan | URL:

Conde Magazine Conde Magazine Conde Magazine

Curve Magazine

Date: 06/16 | Country: Lebanon | URL:

Curve Magazine SCMP Style Report

SCMP Style Report

Date: 06/16 | Country: China | URL:

SCMP Style Report SCMP Style Report

The Lwazi folding screen is a sophisticated space divider. Inspired by the Zulu tribe, the screen features a vibrant colour palette and includes a myriad of luxe finishes including gold leaf, copper leaf and Macassar ebony.

The Oxford Paper

Date: 02/2017 | Country: UK | URL:

The Oxford Paper

Luxury Today

Date: 2016 | Country: UK | URL:

Luxury Today

Nomadous – The World Through Design is a new furniture design brand with its roots in Portugal but assuming itself as a cosmopolitan nomad. Its team travels throughout the world getting inspiration in the most diverse elements and translating it into the most exclusive and innovating design pieces.

Nomadous gets its main inspiration from the experiences of every journey. Every culture, person, nature element or landmark its team gets in touch with, can be epitomized into an exclusive design piece. The inspiration is endless as it is the beauty of the world.

Nomadous is more than exclusive design pieces, it’s about reflecting feelings and sensations into timeless pieces that will evoke other feelings and sensations in the people that have the opportunity to get in touch with them.

Soo Deco

Date: 12/05/16 | Country: France | URL:

Soo Deco

Today I want to share with you one of my latest discoveries!

Luxury decorative furniture, designs and curves that invite to travel, this is what Nomadous offers us.

Created by two Portuguese entrepreneurs who love travel and decorating: Liliana Silva and Marlene Alves; Nomadous aims to make you discover the world through their design pieces “The world through design”.

A novelty in the luxury market, the collection of this brand is currently composed of five pieces invented and imagined during trips around the world. Produced individually by talented artisans, each piece is 100% unique.

Luxe Magazine

Date: 06/2016 | Country: France | URL:

Luxe Magazine

Proud Mag

Date: 16/10/2017 | Country: Switzerland | URL:

Proud Mag Proud Mag Proud Mag Proud Mag Proud Mag Proud Mag Proud Mag Proud Mag

Despite being born in Portugal, Nomadous is not fixed in one place because it belongs to the world. A home is a private world, an important part of daily lives, the place people live in plays an important part in who they are and how they feel, and this is why Nomadous strives to provide its clients with the perfect solution to make their house exactly how they dream it to be. The brand’s design pieces are created with the utmost attention to every detail and its team is highly motivated to assist all clients with any needed customization to assure that the products are the perfect fit to achieve, in their home, the ambience of their dreams. Nomadous commits itself to epitomize the world through unique pieces, providing unforgettable experiences to all design lovers.

Jornal Audiência

Date: 17/09/2016 | Country: Portugal | URL:

Jornal Audiência

Nomadous, a brand that challenges for its luxury design

Nomadous is a luxury design brand that aims to embody the world through unique design pieces. “We see the world as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and our pieces reflect the most iconic monuments, remarkable people, varied cultures and elements of breathtaking nature,” explains the official statement of the brand.

Nomadous was born in Portugal but is not fixed in one place, belongs to the world.

“With such a wide inspiration, our collection is versatile, possessing the most varied styles, thus, can fit correctly in any style of interior decoration. The pieces are unique and exquisite, using materials and finishes rare and noble in its design, “they explain.

“In addition, all our pieces are manufactured by hand by our artisans, who put into practice what they learned from generations of mastery in working the wood,” they finish.

Luxury Activist

Date: 21/04/2016 | Country: Switzerland | URL:

Luxury Activist Luxury Activist

LuxuryActivist is always looking for new brands and new artists to share. This month, we are happy to discover NOMADOUS, a new Portuguese luxury design brand created in 2016 by two young female entrepreneurs who are passionate about exclusive design, luxury interiors and travelling. With its roots in Portugal, the brand spreads all over the world by getting inspired by the most remarkable and diverse landmarks, people, nature and cultures. Nomadous is a luxury furniture design brand which intends to epitomize the world through unique design pieces. We see the world as an endless source of inspiration and our pieces reflect the most iconic landmarks, remarkable people, varied cultures and breath taking nature elements. Nomadous was born in Portugal but it is not fixed in one place as it belongs to the world!

Nomadous proposes a variety of styles, materials and finishes. It gathers several artisans who put into practice what they have learned from generations f wood working mastery. This unique design approach resulted in a first collection of five pieces with different typologies, materials, finishes and techniques. The inspiration comes from the most different places, from Alberta Canada to the Zulu tribe in South Africa or Paris in France, resulting in very different pieces. With such a variety of backgrounds, the collection is so versatile that it can fit in any interior decoration.

Oporto Cool

Date: 19/05/2016 | Country: Portugal | URL:

Oporto Cool Oporto Cool

Created in 2016 in Porto, Nomadous name is inspired by the love to travel and discover new beautiful details in the world. As cosmopolitan nomads they aim to bring to our homes a bit of everything they have seen during their trips – this is what Nomadous has to offer, aiming to inspire all design lovers through the creation of unique and exquisite art pieces, made by artisans.

The brand is inspired by the world as a never ending source of beauty and inspiration, finding the sparkle to design new unique design pieces in every new place visited, its traditions, the people, the monuments, the nature. Nomadous strives to provide us with the perfect solution to make our home exactly how we dream it to be, our private world, an important part of our daily lives, the place that plays an important part in who we are and how we feel.