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Terms & Conditions

Those Terms and Conditions apply to all orders carried by email, telephone, our showroom or our website Terms and Conditions are subject to changes, please visit our website for the latest version. These Terms and Conditions can be saved or printed by all users of our website.

LATEST UPDATE: March 17th 2018


  • Prices are included in our website and pricelist and can be changed at any time by Nomadous, being the online version on our website/pricelist always the updated version. The values on Nomadous’ website or online pricelist substitute any other published or advertised before.
  • All prices are for single unit, unless otherwise clearly stated.
  • The prices displayed do not include taxes or shipping – meaning VAT and shipping costs and any other applicable taxes or fees will be added to the proforma invoice.
  • The prices displayed are ex-works Porto, Portugal, meaning the prices do not include any shipping costs, unless otherwise clearly stated.
  • The prices displayed are for the listed versions of the piece, any customization might result in upcharges.
  • The prices displayed in Nomadous pricelist include packaging (wood crate).
  • Additional services such as Certificates of Origin, Authentication of Invoices and Storage can be provided, with the costs supported by the customer.


  • Nomadous reserves itself the right to discontinue any product without prior notice. All orders placed before the product is discontinued must be fulfilled in the agreed lead time unless the customer agrees on a different solution.
  • All Nomadous pieces are handcrafted, therefore each piece is unique and impossible to reproduce in an exact manner. Though we strive to handcraft all pieces as uniformly as possible to the ones advertised, small differences may occur, resulting from the changes on natural materials and artisanal techniques involved.
  • Small variations in color of natural wood pieces or handcrafted finishes are considered an inherent part of the material behavior.
  • Nomadous is free to change any product design to improve its reliability at any time without prior notice. All orders placed before the product is discontinued must be fulfilled in the agreed lead time unless the customer agrees on a different solution.

Production Lead Times

  • Production lead times for standard pieces are between 12 to 16 weeks. For custom or large orders, Nomadous is free to agree with the Customer on a different lead time.
  • The production lead time is counted only after the deposit payment is received.
  • Shipping time is not included in the estimated production lead times.

Payment Terms

  • All standard orders require a deposit of at least 40% to begin production.
  • Nomadous must receive full payment before shipping is scheduled. Nomadous is free to postpone any shipping until full payment is received.
  • The balance payment must be received within 2 weeks after the order production is completed. After this Nomadous has the right to charge storage of the pieces – Storage rate: 100€ per piece, per day.
  • All payments must be done by bank transfer or Paypal (including Paypal Credit Card functionality), unless otherwise agreed with the Customer by a written consent of Nomadous.
  • All pieces are property of Nomadous until full payment is received.

Shipping Terms

  • The Customer can choose to schedule shipping with Nomadous or with his usual shipping partner. Though Nomadous can arrange shipping for the Customer’s order, it is not held liable for any shipping – this is the responsability of the shipping company.
  • All items are inspected prior to shipping to assure excellence in quality.
  • All shippings arranged by Nomadous include insurance. Though not required, we strongly encourage all Customers who decide to schedule shipping with their usual partners to use insurance.
  • If any piece is damaged during shipping, it is the Customer’s responsability to inform Nomadous of the issue including photography evidence within 24 hours. If the shipping is scheduled by Nomadous, we will activate the resolution with our shipping partners and assure the repair/new delivery is done as quickly as possible.
  • The Customer must verify the goods delivered before signing that those are in perfect conditions. If at the moment of receiving the goods can’t be inspected, we highly recommend that Customer includes this information when signing the receivement of the order.

Exchange & Returns

  • In case any product does not meet the Customer’s expectations, Nomadous must receive a written complaint by the Customer within 24 hours upon receiving the product. Photography evidence of the issue must be included in order for the brand to be able to proceed accordingly.
  • No product can be exchanged or returned without written consent by Nomadous.

Order Cancellation

  • Nomadous production begins only after deposit payment is received. As the brand doesn’t keep stock, order cancelations for standard pieces are possible, resulting in a fee of 40% of the total order value.
  • For custom pieces, orders can’t be canceled and must always be paid in full.

Distribution and Internet Policy

  • Nomadous can freely refuse to sell to any distributor if any of his used tactics might result in any negative effect on the brand image or competitive efforts.
  • Dealer internet websites may neither advertise, nor in any way display the Nomadous name, logo, product images, prices or any other branded company symbols or information without prior written consent from the brand.
  • Any promotion or advertisement including Nomadous image or products must have prior written consent from Nomadous.


  • All rights reserved. No part of Nomadous design pieces may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including prototyping, 3D drawings, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the brand, except noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.